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Artist Development

Artist Development, Production Deals, Licensing.

Studio Membership

There are two types of studio membership options. A free one, through which you get a free £25 voucher for production services, priority bookings to the studio, a demo of our mastering service, and exclusive special offers.

Then there are our paid members, or 'Patrons' who pay a monthly subscription for the purpose of saving up for their recording projects. We offer packages from £50 to £400 per month and they come with a whole host of perks and incentives.

Unlike other membership studios around the world you still get an engineer to run your session and a producer to help you craft your art. This also allows us to keep the studio in tip-top shape and the gear maintained, whilst still offer the studio as a utility, just like your water bill.

We are currently seeking artists to sign production agreements and producer agreements.
Tell us about yourselves and what your doing, link us to your sites and your music and we may get in touch. Why not include your gig list, we might come and watch you perform.


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Production Agreements

The easiest way to understand production agreements is to think of them as an investment in you as an artist, they are not the same as 'producer agreements'.


Production companies can offer to record and develop an artist with the aim to produce master recordings suitable for release, whilst bearing all production costs (studio time, mixing, mastering etc).


Because the cost of production is the company’s burden, they will own the 'sound recording' but NOT the 'composition'. It's important that you maintain the rights to your song at all times. 


Since the company has invested in this production they need permission to license the master recordings to third parties (labels) in order to generate revenue and recoup the production costs. Because the production company is heavily invested in you as an artist, it is in their best interests to pique the interest of record labels and get your content noticed.


Essentially the production company will be batting for your team.


Once all production costs have been recouped the rights in the sound recording will automatically be assigned to you.





Producer Agreements

Producer agreements differ in that they usually occur when a record deal with a label is already in place. 


Commonplace agreements that state the responsiblities of the producer and what they will provide to the record company (master recordings). It will also include what the producer will get in return (advances, royalties) including other important terms such as how the royalties are calculated, recoring budgets, sample clearance responsibilities etc.


They can also be established with an artist in the event a record label isn't involved. At ProRec Productions we sometimes offer discounted studio time if a proucer agreement is in place.


One of the key differences is that the producer will not retain any copyrights in the recordings once his/her duties are fulfilled.

For Licensors that have access to our Portal go here to view our current roster of artists and hear their music.

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