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Live Concert Recording

Live Concert Recording Manchester

With our portable recording equipment we can discretely integrate ourselves into a live sound rig and capture your performance. To ensure a quality service we use a combination of transformer isolated splitters (to capture the feeds going to the desk) and our own set of microphones when required. Our service is priced depending on how many channels of audio need to be captured, and includes a basic mix of the content. 


1 - 8 channels £120
9 - 16 channels £180
17 - 24 channels £260
24 - 32 channels £300

A basic mix


Each concert recording will include 4 hours mixing time in order to establish a basic mix. If you would like the recordings to be professionally mixed we offer you a £5 discount on our E-mixing rates. Alternatively, we are more than happy to deliver the multi-track recordings as raw wave files.

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