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Studio Production​


We have facilities to accommodate all recording needs. We are sensitive to your budgets and can adapt our services in numerous ways so you don't get left out.


We do this by offering 3 tiers of recording services, in different studio environments with prices ranging from £100 to £250 per day.


From recording on location, to top-end professional studio production we really do have the flexibility to include everyone.


Contact us to discuss your production needs.




Need a music video? To give you the full package, we have an experienced director, editor, and cameraman who has previously worked for the BBC; with a substantial background in corporate film making, working for companies such as Nissan, United Utilities and more. The professional attitude and quality of work is second to none, ensuring your audiovisual project is completed on time and on budget. 

Additional Services
  • ADR sessions

  • Foley recording

  • Sound design

  • Dub mixing

  • Digital audio restoration

  • Musical score





Mixing & Mastering

It's important to get your music sounding as professional as possible. Conveying your artistic vision through to the very end is crucial for us to feel like we have done a proper job!


Our attended mixing and mastering sessions allow you to influence the outcome of your music down to the finest detail. Once your visions have been filtered through the expertise of the engineer we guarantee a professional product, and we won't stop until this is achieved.


Online mixing and mastering services are emerging faster than ever and are ideal if you trust the judgement of professionals to polish your tracks. We offer this service through Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive cloud storage.


We can also assist you in attaining and embedding ISR Codes for your tracks.


Live Concert Recording

Recording your live concerts is not a problem, we have portable recording resources that allow us to intergrate with your live sound set-up and capture that all important gig.


Each gig is unique and we believe capturing that single launch night or first theatre gig provides fantastic promotional material or extra content for release.


Complementary mixing time is offered according to the package you need.




Artist Development

Signed or not it's always useful to have a well defined direction. You want to develop a sound that speaks to your inner-most artist; having a production company on your side will help you communicate your musical vision to the world.


Our job is to make your record more than the sum of its parts and capture the musical alchemy necessary to do so! 


We're currently seeking artists to sign production deals. If you sound great and are working hard, but are struggling to fund recordings, we want to hear from you.


Tell us about yourselves here


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