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Studio Production

Recording Studios Manchester

We have partnered with the best recording studios in Manchester to bring an unrivalled variety in production. Our scope in recording environments can accommodate all projects large and small and allow us to do what we do best, produce music. 


You can of course purchase each tier for studio time as normal, yet there is huge value in having a producer on-board that can help you budget for your project and get the best value out of what is available. For example, recording an EP may only require a couple of days in the high-tier studio for tracking drums through analogue tape and the mid-tier studio is perfect for laying down the guitars and vocals; you then decided that BV's and other overdubs can be done in the low-tier studio to keep costs down.


Professional recording studio services, more accessible than ever.


A high quality analogue and digital hybrid studio with a custom built mixing desk. The studio has a variety of vintage microphones and analogue outboard gear. Housed in the old Suite 16/Cargo Studios there is no shortage of heritage and maintains multi-track tape recording capabilities.

Key Features:

>    Custom built Neve Mini-V console

>    SSL, Vortexion preamps

>    B&W, PMC, & Yamaha monitoring

>    8 track tape

>    Pro Tools

>    Vintage mics from AKG, STC, Telefunken & more


£250 per day


Our very own Vibratone Sound Studio based just 5 minutes from the centre provides the most valuable recording experience in the city. A purpose-built environment designed and grafted by our own hands to offer the comfort and quality expected from the top studios around, at an affordable rate.

Key Features:

>    UA Apollo 2 duo interface

>    Valley Audio & Focusrite Preamps

>     Genelec 8250a

>  Adam A7X

>  Neumann U87Ai

>  SE Electronics 5600A MKII


£150 per day

£170 per day


We have a great sounding portable rig that can be used anywhere, be it at your rehearsal room, or in a city cathedral. This service is ideal for saving money on projects that need overdubs, but it can also provide flexibility to a production that requires location recordings, to capture those unique environments.

Key Features:

>     Logic Pro/Pro Tools

>     Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 x2

>     Adam A7X monitors

>  Mics from Neuman, Shure, Rode, AKG and more



£100 per day

We've recently launched our studio membership provision. By being a ProRec Member you can pay monthly for studio service and pick up perks and incentives along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There is talk about multiple bookings discount, how much do I have to book to get it and exactly how much is saved?


Strictly speaking there are no official discount policies so we offer the discounts in good faith on an individual basis. Each project is different and depending on the circumstance of each one, discounts can vary from 5% to 20% and in some cases significantly more for mixing & mastering.


Do you charge more than these studios to make a profit?


No, we don't charge more than the day rates of those studios and the partnerships we have with them allow us to do this. We are not in competition with them, we work with them. 


These studios are open to the public, why don't we just go straight to them?


Firstly, you're likely to save money on your project through properly planning a recording budget. Secondly, working with a producer can hugely benefit the creative and technical processes of recording.

Thirdly, we have a free pre-production policy to help you properly prepare your music for the recording studio.


What justifies such a huge price difference between the tiers?


Our pricing accurately reflects the market; of course because they are the same rates of the studios themselves offer. Size and equipment do contribute to the pricing of a recording studio, but not only that, the overall recording experience had at a studio really helps to confirm it's worth. If you don't believe us we are happy to organise a visit/tour of any of the spaces.


We can't afford a lump sum, can we pay with installments? 


Of course you can, however the specific arrangements depend on each individual project!

It sounds like becoming a Patron is for you! You can break down your production budget into monthly payments - you barely notice it coming out of your account as it basically turns into another utility bill.

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