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The Global Music Community

We've just joined the global music community and oh are we pleased.

Do you remember how LinkedIn did what Facebook couldn't, GMC does the same for the music industry; not only that, it has an ingenious rewards scheme!

Okay so not totally ingenious, we alread know of the NectarLoyaltyAdavantageClubcard you can get at the various supermarkets nowadays, but never have i seen this idea so fantastically applied for the most needy... Musicians! Not only that, your points are measured in decibels!

Not only does it connect talent with industry workers, it is a tailored platform to shout about yourself and search for others trying to be heard. Whether your a business, talent, or a session player, The GMC is the up and coming sanctuary for establishing your contacts.

ProRec Productions joined recently, and why wouldn't we.

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