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Finishing Touches

Nearly done! Okay actually there is still lots of things to do before we can say it's "finished", but it's mostly cosmetic, things that don't affect the running of the studio. So as for finishing touches we really are close to opening!

We've had all our equipment in storage since before the start of the build so we're really excited to get it moved in. A date has been set and now the big parts of the build have been complete, we see no reason why we can't start moving everything into its new home.

There's obviously small parts we need finishing before opening the doors and the next immediate task on the list are to get all the door trims and skirting in. We'll be making use of some reclaimed scaffold boards for the skirting, and everything will be stained dark oak to tie in with the rest of the interior.

Finally the last essential task is for Dave our electrician to connect the last of the electrical work. Everything in it's right place, and when it's turned on the studio will have life!

Years of planning and hard graft has gone into making this happen and we're about to open the doors. Our excitement is hardly contained!

So we decided to launch the studio with an opening rate - in July our doors will open and we want to invite you down to come and check it out, we're super proud of it!

Psst, take a sneak peak at the new website before it opens - the opening rate will be 33% off the standard day rate!

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