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Fitting The First Door

Why on earth does a single door warrant taking up a whole blog? Well it doesn't - we've done much more since the last update and we've hit a huge milestone. (We are just more proud about the door).

Attaching the acoustic plasterboard to the ceiling was a lot more difficult than we anticipated. If cutting out triangles and curved pieces wasn't hard enough, just holding the sheets above your head all day was exhausting!

The aforementioned ceiling curve turned out quite well and we're happy with the way it looks, though after the ceiling was done we needed to install temporary lights. We placed them in the middle of the curve from where our pendant lights will hang.


We were nervous about fitting the doors, but the first one couldn't have gone better. It's all about making sure the frame that the door sits in, is plumb and flush with the door casing, and making sure it stays plumb and flush after the screws go in! Any pieces that aren't straight could cause door swing or a compromise in its acoustic integrity.

So with the plasterboard pretty much finished in the control room we are moving into the live room. Which isn't only bigger but is also getting two layers of plasterboard. We anticipate this being the toughest part of the studio build so stay tuned to see how we get on.

See how the project has progressed in pictures at the gallery

Wait for our latest Vlog to have a closer look at our work...


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