Miscellaneous Malark 2

It feels like we're in the final stages of this project and we've put our hearts and souls into it, a labour of love, a huge learning curve, a load of fun! So here's an quick update on what we've done in the past couple of weeks...

We've installed the first bass traps at the rear of the control room, using up our huge mound of Rockwool off-cuts the traps are essentially triangle extensions to the existing corners. Built just like our stud walls with a timber frame and sheets of plasterboard, they also have a port at the bottom of the trap covered with breathable fabric.

Painting! Orange is Chris's favourite colour, and it's already one half of the brand colours, also it's warm and cosy. So we decided on combination of outrè orange, oatmeal, and white as the colours for the studio. If we were more confident as interior designers we probably would have had more orange about the place, but we're starting off with it just in the control room (we can always add it later in other places).

The final electrical fit-out is approaching and we need to have all the light fittings built and ready. We have designed some of our spotlights to be contained within absorption panels as clouds hanging from the ceiling. We've stained all the wood frames/fixtures in the same way for aesthetic consistency and have used the same breathable fabric as used between the windows and bass traps.