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Centre Table

The control room floor is finished, the light boxes are in, and we have hung the ceiling cloud in there too. One of the last things in this room is the centre table. Once we get this in, this room is pretty much ready to go!

A simply built centre piece is going to separate the two sections of the room. Big enough to fit a few stools behind, it will offer a functional surface for our guests to work on whilst in the control room and will also house a selection of outboard gear on the angled front face further down the line.

We began by building a frame using the same 2x4 timber as the stud walls, then clad the frame with scaffold boards.

As we were using reclaimed boards, they didn't come to us clean and ready to use. Before cladding the table we spent time sanding and planing the the timber to get rid of all the dirt and grime build up so we had a relatively clean surface to work with.

Obviously we needed power to the table too so we've built in 2 separate sockets; one underneath for our audio gear and another easy accessible general use on top for charging phones and laptops etc.

Now the table is assembled there's just a few final bits of sanding to make the table top nice, uniform and smooth.

Once we're happy we'll finish the table by staining the wood a nice dark oak to match the rest of the control room interior.

Check out more photographs of the build in the gallery.

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