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Wood Flooring

So the wood floor is in the control room is going down and it's going surprisingly well. Considering there isn't a carpenter in sight, we didn't expect it to go so well without a hitch. It has completely changed the feel of the room. All of a sudden it feels like we're standing in the middle of a studio as opposed to a construction site.

The floor we chose is a HDF engineered oak product. Engineered wood, in contrast to solid wood, is a plank made up of multiple layers. In this case the majority of it is High Density Fiber.

HDF doesn't sound so good and it doesn't look great either, so in this engineered plank the top layer is a solid piece of European Oak, with a hand-scraped finish.

And they are a beaut!

These particular planks are really easy to install. They literally just click together, no need for nails or glue. It's a floating floor which means it isn't mechanically fixed to the floor or surrounding walls and just sits on top of the underlay (see below).

Check out more photographs of the build in the gallery.

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