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Final Electrical Fit-Out

The final stages for the studio electrics are underway and our electrician is hard at work installing our sockets, switches, and lights.

We were a little too eager last year, and in our naivety we bought all the electrical fittings far too early. Approximately 9 months later (now we are actually ready to install them) we decided that we wanted a different type! Luckily we could haggle Screwfix to swap them out like-for-like.

Tacky white plastic sockets and switches are not what it's about; we chose black nickel, and they look amazing! I can't imagine anyone would get so excited about plug sockets... and our electrician certainly didn't care.

To light the studio we have built wooden light boxes to house chrome spotlights. We've not installed all of the boxes just yet but that's next on the list of things to do.

So as the electrical work is underway, we're also busy doing other things around it, stay tuned!

Check out more photographs of the build in the gallery.

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