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The Soundproofing System

The construction of the live room in the studio involves a more complex soundproofing system than in the control room.

As we only have a small space in which to build our studio we needed to find a method of sound reduction with a small footprint. The common technique of having a double wall system wouldn't have really been viable. There are many iterations of this system but generally involve two separate stud walls that are independent of each other - although effective at reducing the transmission of sound, it requires more space and money to build.

We came across the genie clip system which has a higher STC but uses only one stud wall. Effectively decoupling the plasterboard layer from the stud walls the genie clips are scattered in a pattern across the studwork and metal channels run horizontally around the room. The plasterboard is then fixed to those channels instead of the studs and because there is a thick piece of rubber at the contact point between each genie clip, the plasterboard is essentially floating.

In the last couple of months we managed to polish off the plasterboard layers in the live room, which probably wouldn't have been possible without the plasterboard lift given that the ceiling reaches nearly 4m in the centre section; 19m regular density board and 12.5m high density board was used.

There are more photos in the photo gallery

Or check out the vlog below for a more in deth look:

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