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Studio Ventilation

A studio needs to be comfortable. If it isn't I don't want to be there, and it's one of the reasons we designed such a large control room - relatively speaking.

There will be basic panel heaters in each room to regulate the temperature, which is obviously key to providing comfort, but also to create a consistent climate for our instruments to reside. The last thing we want is wild temperature changes when recording drums over a period of a few days.

We also need a ventilation system that circulates the fresh air in each room, below is a sketch by Chris.

It will be a simple air exchange system which drags fresh air from outside and replaces stale warm air by a fan system. Since we are spending so much money on isolation we need to make sure the acoustic system isn't shorted out by the ventilation system. So we are building special attenuators to combat that problem.

Take a look at our image gallery to see more on our recording studio project.

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