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Let's Begin The Build

After quotes, consultancy, research, prep-work, designs, re-designs, revisions of re-designs, and more quotes, we're finally ready to start building!

The first order of wood was made last week and we finally got down-and-dirty with the building work.

First on the list is to construct a timber subfloor that raises the studio floor off the concrete floor. The two main reasons for doing this is that the concrete floor is very uneven meaning that laying the studio floor directly onto the concrete would be nearly impossible. Secondly, there will be a significant acoustical benefit from raising our studio floor off the solid concrete floor which is prone to external vibrations.

The disadvantage of building a subfloor is that we're now creating a cavity that could resonate with vibrations coming from inside the studio. We'll overcome this by packing it full of high-density mineral wool and adding a layer of acoustic rubber matt in between the chipboard and oak flooring.

At each contact point where the timber framework meets with the surrounding structure, we have placed adhesive high-density foam rubber isolation tape that will reduce the transference of vibration into the subfloor. >>>

Each joist still needs to be secured with timber blocks (each with the rubber membrane) like has been started in this photo. Once this is done, we'll be ready to pack in mineral wool, put on the joist cap isolators, and start laying down our chipboard.

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