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Sub-Floor Construction

This week deliveries from 3 different suppliers came with the rest of the materials for the studio floor. Remember, we can't build directly onto the concrete so there is loads of work to do building in a sub-floor.

We're squashed for workspace so we're prioritising the construction of the live room floor first, when that's done we can use that floor for extra workspace.

The materials we are using:

  • 4x2 Timber carcassing

  • Adhesive high-density foam rubber isolation tape

  • Foam joist cap isolators

  • 100mm mineral wool (Rock Wool) at 60kg density

  • Tecsound 50 acoustic membrane.

  • 22mm chipboard

From last week we had already finished the timber joists that had the isolation tape on the contact points to the surrounding structure. (see previous blog)

Now we need to pack mineral wool in between all the joists, this is the primary means of isolation and will minimise sound transfer through the studio floor, it will also prevent the sub-floor structure from resonating and affecting the sound of the live room.

We're also laying foam isolators that run along each joist (in blue). This will behave in a similar way to the isolation tape at the contact points to the surrounding structure, in that it will further minimise vibration transference, this time between the chipboard and timber joists.

The total cost of the sub-floor in the live room comes to around £1,300. It's something we didn't originally plan to do, but circumstance meant that it was necessary. The subfloor across the whole studio will come to approximately 15% of the whole budget!

There are loads more photos in the gallery, go check them out!

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