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Scrap Metal

A hurdle we knew we would have to face eventually has temporarily halted the work on the studio sub-floor. What can only be described as a large metal table is getting in the way of our timber work and needs to be chopped down.


We are cutting the table at the bottom of the cylinder so we can put our sub-floor joist-work over the top of it. The metal is almost an inch thick around the perimeter of the cylinder and it took nearly an hour with an angle grinder to get through.

The reason for the delay is that the blade on the angle grinder isn't big enough to reach round the back. The cylinder is up against the wall so we need something big enough to cut through the whole cylinder.

Plan A is to cut a wedge out of the cylinder so we can get cutting access to the back. This is quite dangerous because it would mean having our hands underneath the metal structure to make the last cut and sevre the cylinder. The last thing we want is to crush our hands.

The table is still fixed to the wall so hopefully it won't fall down on us, but we'll probably wedge some timber underneath the table to provide additional support.

Plan B is to find another tool that will do the job... meh.

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