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Water In, Water Out

So after deciding to pass on installing a toilet, we thought we'd at least install a kitchen... Or at the very least prepare to install a kitchen.

Remember when we toiled with the idea of installing a toilet? Well we scrapped the idea since there was a communal toilet right next to our unit, and it would have cost loads to install our own into the current waste system. Instead the studio will eventually have a small kitchen in the isolation corridor.

However, we don't want to fork out for a kitchen just yet, there are more critical things to the running of the studio that needs to be prioritised. Though on one days notice, Jimmy from Hardie Plumbing and Heating has been able to finish the preliminary pipework so that once the studio is built, we can fit the kitchen with ease.

The water feed has been extended round the corner to kitchen area, and the waste pipe has been fed to outside.

Thanks for following the blog, you can see more photos of the studio build in the gallery. Keep your ear to the wall, another post will follow soon!

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