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Control Room Taking Shape

We are somewhat restricted with the dimensions of the space the studio resides, but we have done our best to design the rooms so that we can optimise their acoustic response.

Every room responds uniquely to sound, and when it comes to recording studios it's quite important. The very fact that there are walls for sound waves to interact with means that it will colour or distort the sound we hear from the studio speakers. The aim with studio design is to minimise the negative effects a room can have on your critical listening position. This is often done through cosmetic acoustic treatment by using absorption panels, diffusers, bass traps and the like. However since we are building the rooms from scratch we have influence over the structural envelope that gives the room it's unique sound in the first place.

Up until now most of the construction work has been on making a floor, but now the studwork for the control room walls is starting to take shape, the feel and contour of the studio is starting to make an impression.

The side walls are splayed in order to redirect sound away from the listening position, and instead of having standalone traps inside the studio we have built them in to the stud framework of the walls.

We have been able to get a height of 2.7m out of the unit in the front of the control room. This will lower to 2.4m for the hospitality area at the back.

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