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There is still a mountain of Rockwool to climb after we took delivery of another 36 packs, and 50 sheets of plasterboard... and 6 steel doors. In between all this there has been a couple other miscellaneous jobs that needed taking care of.

Firstly we needed to create a means of feeding our cables from the live room to the control room, in such a way that facilitates the future need of adding more. So we fixed a drainpipe behind the walls that will protrude through the plasterboard and give us easy access.

This pipe is purposefully distanced from cables that carry mains power for sockets and such; this is to reduce the possibility for interference on our audio lines. We didn't anticipate how noisy a hollow drainpipe can be and considering it's resting on the stud frame of the studio with each end protruding into the room it was little annoying. Only a short worry, as even just a small amount of Rockwool stuffed in the ends completely nullified the noise coming from the pipe.

On another cable related topic, the CCTV system arrived and we figured we should probably run cables for the cameras while we can still get behind the walls. We only need two cameras, one posted at each entry door.

Next on the list:

  • Finish packing the Rockwool

  • Install audio cables

  • Begin fitting plasterboard

  • Build soffit for lighting

  • Install doors

Check out the gallery for more images!

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