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Putting On The Walls

So we are at a point with the studio build where multiple jobs are are running concurrently. The Rockwool is still going in, the electrical work has come leaps and bounds, the CCTV system is being installed, and the plasterboard is making its way on to the walls.

The plasterboard is so large (1.2 x 2.4 metres) and so heavy (30kg per sheet) it's really easy to snap under its own weight. Panelling any of the ceiling needs at least two people. Chris has made really quick and clean work of the walls and the control room is already near finished. We'll need a new order soon.

We have also created the middle section in the ceiling that curves in the opposite direction to the floor step; from it it will be two pendant lights hanging over a central table.

David our electrician has installed a shiny new fuse board in the isolation corridor and finished running all the cables for our lights, switches, and sockets. Making holes in the plasterboard for these things has been really tricky, and all the wires behind the walls must be in place before the plasterboard is fitted, for obvious reasons...

It's why fitting this lone CCTV camera was so imperative

The audio and network cables are due for delivery next week so we can connect the I/O between the live room and control room. In the meantime we still have plenty of Rockwool and plasterboard to fit elsewhere.

See more photos in the gallery and get a walkthrough in the vlog below!

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