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Sub-Floor Complete!

So we have finally finished the sub-floor for the whole studio! It's slowly beginning to take shape.

The industrial unit is only about 850sqft so we designed the studio to have a large control room to give artists a space to chill out. There isn't nearly enough space to build another room for a dedicated communal area, so we built in a higher level at the back of the control room in order to separate the work space from the hospitality area. We'll place some sofas or beanbags back there with a coffee table and whatnot.

We think this design maximises the space we have to create an open, comfortable, and relaxing creative space for visiting artists.

The next milestone is to begin work on erecting the walls. Probably one of the biggest jobs of the whole project and can't wait to get stuck in. More details on the wall design and how we are going to soundproof the studio will follow so stay tuned!

See more images of the build in our gallery.

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