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Insulation is Sweaty Work

Mineral wool has been the bane of our lives this past week. It's horrid stuff, and it's the only material I hate more than cling film. However it's a necessary evil in the construction of our recording studio as it is a large portion of how we are achieving acoustic isolation from the outside world.

So it's on with the hazmat suits and face masks as we grin and bear probably the most uncomfortable and irritating part of this project!

There are various different insulation products on the market and we have decided to go with the Rockwool RW3. It has a density of 60kg/m3 and due to the rigidity it's easy to friction fit in between the timber work. We have the 100mm slabs which offer a higher absorption coefficient than the thinner variations. This is going to be fitted around all the walls and ceiling, and the 50mm slabs were used to pack out the sub-floor.

We still need to fit noggins in the ceiling before we pack it with the rest of the Rockwool, and once that's done we can start to fix a layer of plasterboard. In the control room we'll be using 1 layer of 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard (aka db board) which has a higher density than the regular stuff. It's also about a third heavier... so we have that to look forward to!

We can't wait to finally open the studio and start recording. In the meantime if you need recording projects doing we have the low-tier and high-tier recording facilities available!

See more photos of the project in our gallery.

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